Thursday, March 04, 2010

Balloon Season

Crusty snow hides in secret, sunless places. Before long it will be reduced to a puddle. Yeah for spring!

I see the strangest things. Or is it that I see the strange in the ordinary? What would you think of a "For Rent" sign beside a fire hydrant? What every dog wants: their own private pee post. I don't know who monitors it.

The temperature is approaching 50. Schatzie and Madchen pine at the door. When one comes back in the other goes out. Some secret system I'm not privy to; I'm just the door opener.

I wish I had a clothesline to hang wash and give it that "funny" smell the kids complained about way back when.

A car sporting a "peace" sign on its rear isn't unusual. But the house had a sticker on the door: "Keep abortion legal." Maybe the occupants aren't related.

Along Hwy 13 this week,I counted five black and white four-footeds that have given the world their best scent. I think it smells like balloons. Now that's a sign of spring.

2010 Red Convertible Travel Series

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