Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cemetery Studies

We like to visit cemeteries to find the oldest graves and see how the flowers are displayed. In Fayetteville, TN bouquets were fastened on the top of upright stones.

This picture was taken last summer at Louisville, Missisippi. I thought their graves were clever, colorful and unusual.

Here In Missouri we overlook the local cemetery. The grounds are well-groomed with small flat stones. Colorful, artificial flowers in slim urns give the illusion they recently sprouted. But not even winter's worst stops funerals. Is there a colder place on earth than a cemetery in winter?

Last fall I walked across the road to read names and dates. The first graves are only a few years old: a mother and four of her five children died the same day.

I have nothing to complain about.

One long ago blizzardy January day I watched a small group at a Wahoo cemetery. When they withdrew the casket from the hearse, the exiting end slipped out of their hands slamming to the frozen ground. Head or feet scrunched?

I suppose we all have a 'shelf life.' If I can, I'll arrange to leave when the weather's temperate. LOL

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