Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Grandma's Day and Mine

Yesterday was a homemade chicken and rice soup with scratch gingerbread day, just like Grandma's. I hoped to whip the cream with a whisk. No go. We poured it over. Grandma's blackstrap molasses, ginger and cinnamon wafted through the house blessing us a second time, remembering her a third.

You may notice I uploaded my photo. At this age my two best friends are my hairdresser, Judy, at Judy's Broadway, and my photographer, Diane McLain. Now you know what a good hair day looks like.

Our work badge photos aren't at all flattering, faces look flat or wide. No one to blame but me. A co-worker came here for their photo. The only white wall is in the shower. We had to stop laughing long enough to take the head and shoulder shot. When we saw our completed badges we all grimmaced. Every one of us said the same thing, "It doesn't even look like me."

I added, "If I saw those people on the street, I wouldn't talk to them either."

2009 Red Convertible Travel Series

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