Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Just prior to this shot, these Brahma bulls were bellowing, and climbing all over each over. They didn't like their close quarters. In the evening they wasted no time letting their rider know what they thought of him, too: just another fly on his back. I wonder if Rodeo clowns and cowboys can be insured?

Friday evening rodeo goers sat in lawn chairs on the track. We sat in the stands for a better, less dusty view, and I prefer some distance from the powerful animals.

One event involved two black angus calves with a pink ribbon on their tail. Children from 6-10 were invited to the arena. Boys and girls by the dozens climbed the fence to get in. The calves were turned loose and took off. Like a mass of bees, the kids ran after them. A prize was given to each of the two boys who caught a ribbon.

I unintentionally did rodeo with our Bravada at the track fence. We bought a rack of ribs, coleslaw and beans for a tailgate picnic about ten pm. The evening was warm and still. We were still worked up from the rodeo excitement. I drove forward, felt the front end dip down and didn't think much of it, put it in reverse and slowly backed up and out. Two adolescents came running all excited. "You can't get out of that ditch." But I did. Smart track allows for the wheels to move independently. I was surprised to learn front-wheel and four-wheel drive are not the norm in the South.

Another perfect day at the fair.

2009 Red Convertible Travel Series

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