Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last week we moved our covered wagon/motorhome three hundred miles from TN to Uncle Ben's in MS. It took two days with the heat index at 110 and JB without AC.

Grateful for shade, we parked in Uncle Ben's pasture where the 4th of July picnic takes place. The area will be cleaned off and wet down. Grills, tables and chairs will be brought in for the near 100 guests.

While we setup, Ben searched for eggs. Imagine this: he's 6'4", weighs 285 lbs., was shirtless, in khaki shorts, docker shoes, no socks and carrying pullet eggs in a flowerpot with a short rope handle. All he needed was a floppy hat.

With the help of great-granddaughter, Abbe, late afternoon we began clearing the pasture. Five, six pick up sticks, seven, eight lay them straight we did in the two-wheeled trailer attached to the Rhino. In low gear we poked across the pasture to unload on the burn pile.

At daylight we heard pounding on our door, looked out the window and didn't see anyone. The pounding continued. Must be Uncle Ben. JB got up, went to the door and found Ben's Barbados ram most unhappy we were in his pasture. A few claps and a "Git!" sent he and his five ewes on their way.

Ben has an variety of large and small roosters that out number the small hens by seven to one. Those girls are constantly running away. It's a wonder they have time to lay eggs.

Our cats love being out doors. The roosters must have held a meeting and a small one drew the short straw. Apparently he was elected to let us know they also did not approve of our intrusion. I caught him cussing the cat.

The Rhino fascinates me. I call it "the imagination maker." Like I need any help. I decided to take it on safari, look for elephants. In first gear I ambled around the pair of long-necked geese, past three ducks, three noisy guinea hens and a lone tom-turkey. His mate passed on last year.

In the open pasture I found the carcass of the nanny goat. Coyotes got her baby last week. Around the burn pile to the far edge of dense trees, I searched for wild life. No elephants either. Between trees I spotted a clearing wide enough for my Rhino. Must investigate. LBJ used to say I was too curious. "You'll be sorry someday." Cresting the hill I froze then slammed on the brake before going headfirst into the pond with the Rhino. Ben wouldn't be amused. LBJ would say, "I told you so." Out of gear it eased to a stop. My heart pounding, and no room to turn around, I eased backward until I could turn into the woods. Now I know why it's called a Rhino. It went over branches and stumps, through tall grass and brought me home safely. I'm giving my imagination a rest. If you believe that...

At daylight this morning we heard racket on the kids jungle jim by our house. The ram was playing with the rubber tire suspended on three chains. He butted it around for half an hour. Guess he's just a "kid" at heart.

We don't need cable in our pasture home, we have plenty of entertainment.

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