Monday, January 19, 2009


George Washington had dreams of opportunity for our new nation. I suspect Betsy Ross stitched our first flag with dreams and prayers for our country's women and children: nurture, don't destroy.

Martin Luther King Jr.had a dream of equality. January 20th Barack Obama will be installed as our first African-American President. Dr. King would be proud. President Obama's "can do" spirit
inspires. He is forthright and honest. God bless and protect him, his family, his administration, our country.

I dream of world-wide good health and abundance ; inexpensive, renewable energy; Earth healed; all people living in peace.

What we think, feel and speak we bring into existence--positive and negative. Peace cannot be dictated, it is personal. When we take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, purge the negatives and reprogram with positives, the puzzle pieces of peace fall into place.

What positives do you want to bring into existence in your life and world?

The last word in all of this

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