Friday, March 14, 2008


My dear friend, Frances, has taken the high road home. She lived long (93 yrs.) and went down easy. I called her "My favorite Nebraska farmer." She planted a couple of tomato plants at her apartment and loved giving away her roses. She said it made them bloom more. Each summer Sunday she took one to church for the altar.

She had a child-like curiosity about everything. Often she spoke of how she loved the "great mystery of life." Her laughter came quick and easy. I called her every week. When I was traveling and lost I told her I didn't know where I was, but this is what I see.

Fun to be around and positive to the core, people fought for her company. I think she was 93 going on 20. When times were tough she'd say, "The road will straighten out - eventually."

Her father was full-blooded Irish and taught her about the stars. St. Patrick's Day was a favorite holiday. She wore her green suit and favorite hat to celebrate. Her straight back, twinkly eyes and white hair swept up, gave her the appearance of European Royalty.

In Taste of Home I found an Irish recipe for meringue cups she would have liked. The baked meringue nest is topped with a mixture of eagle brand condensed milk, whipped cream and green food coloring. Topped with candied green cherries split to make a three-leaf clover and stem it celebrates the Irish symbol of the Trinity.

March 5th her body was laid to rest in an old cemetery south of Decatur, NE, but her spirit is limitless. She forever and always lives in our hearts and we in hers. I lift my cup to you, Frances. Thanks for everything and Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

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