Thursday, November 01, 2007

Butterfingers & Body Parts

MSN photo
It was a blast. The weather was perfect. I dressed all in black, drew whiskers on my cheeks and wore my huge black Mongolian wool hat with turned up brim and pointed top. We decorated our largest tupperware mixing bowl with pumpkins. I sat on the front steps and called to trick or treaters, "Butterfingers and body parts." Lots of takers. Adults too. The choices were ears, eyes, toes, fingers, noses and teeth. Gelatin based, I admit I ate a few.
Spiderman and a pink-haired princess stopped by. "Dorothy" from Kansas wore gingham and flashy red shoes. One kid wore a rubber mask with a rubber cigar stub looking as if he just got off a moving boxcar. The neighbor on the corner decorated to the max with tombstones and body parts emerging from his lawn. His front door was accessible through a black tunnel. Music and moaning could be heard for blocks. It was great fun. Think I'll take a break and nibble an ear.

copyright 2007 Red Convertible Travel Series

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