Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Alaska isn't on our travel itinerary at this time, but it is for a friend of ours. He and his friends took their "bear bells" to wear, and flew to Alaska to fish. I went to the fresh seafood counter at Baker's in Omaha.

JB said he didn't like salmon. I think it was just my patties he doesn't like. When the Dr. said he had to have Omega3, she recommended lots of fish, salmon in particular. I wondered how I'd get it down him.
They grocer had pond-raised salmon that were pale next to Alaska's bright salmon-colored wild Sockeye. I bought a pound and a half at $9.99 a lb., and baked them in parchment paper according to a recipe from Suzanne Somers Fast and Easy book.

On the paper, for each fillet, I placed two slices of lemon and half a teaspoon of butter, and added a sprig of my garden fresh tarragon. I salt and peppered the skin placing it down on the lemons. Salt and peppered the top, and added a heap of chopped onion to each. Folded up and over, they baked on a cookie sheet for twenty minutes at 400 degrees.

We had a feast. Delicious! What little was left we shared with our two cats. Madchen would have nothing to do with it. Schatzie was thrilled, ate his and raced through the house. Her bites went to the outside cat we occasionally feed, and the balance we mixed with cream cheese to spread on crackers. We got our money's worth. This recipe is a keeper. JB just came to the kitchen looking for more spread. All gone.

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