Friday, June 29, 2007

Cause to Celebrate

My daughter had an appointment with her Oncologist this week after a two month break. It wracks her nerves. She worries about the needles and results. I trust she is healing. In my gut I know it.

Dr. Stephen Thome was busy and late, she got bored and walked around the office swinging her purse like we women do. When she returned he was behind her. She looked back surprising him. He was stunned, couldn't believe how easily she was moving. When she told him all the things she'd done in the last two months he looked at me wide-eyed, "It's a miracle". Considering he met her in late August, 2006 when she was flat on her broken back in screaming pain, it is. All I could say was, "By the Grace of God". He jumped up and left to tell the nurses station the good news. Throughout her exam he oohed and aahed at her overall improvement and doesn't need to see her for three months. Much joy throughout. We left amidst a flood of warm smiles.

At home we had a grateful hearts celebration: chunks of cantaloupe wrapped in Prosciutto; sips of James Arthur Vineyard's Seyval, a Nebraska white table wine; homemade organic chicken salad and baby lettuce served in bakery fresh flaky croissants. We took our time. Savored every bite. Smiled a lot. For dessert I served Marscapone in footed crystal with slices of huge, fresh, California, Driscoll, organic strawberries that tasted like sunshine. JAV 2 Brothers white table wine has a little effervescence and slightly sweeter taste. It was perfect sipped over a piece of melting dark mint chocolate.

Dr. Thome has the perfect bedside manner and expertise for her. The Chiropractor who saved her life twice, Dr. Ray Klepinger, continues to work on her with the Pro-Adjuster system used on Olympic athletes. PT Dr. Nick Wissink is outstanding at waking her muscles and strengthening her body. She couldn't be in better hands. There is progress to prove it. Praise the Lord.

Miracles for her are being worked through many people in many ways. We pray they continue. No prayer is wasted. Thank you one and all. God bless.

copyright 2007 Red Convertible Travel Series

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