Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Preparation 2007

Christ's Cruxifiction and Resurrection are God's gift of Grace to mankind. We celebrate with praise at early youth services with lilies that make us sneeze, and breakfast and/or a special choir presentation at morning worship, our table set with our best cloth and place settings, baked ham, and a coconut covered lamb cake. This year we spread melted chocolate on Matzo and chopped cashews similar to what Martha Stewart did. Of course, there are the colored and decorated eggs to hide and hunt, and displayed hollow ones with purple inked designs.

Wed. of last week our three-year old friend came for a visit. I asked if she had new clothes for Easter church. She said, "No." I asked if they were going to church? Munching a grape she looked furtively side to side before shaking her head no. Assuming I hadn't heard, she leaned forward and whispered, "Jesus is dead." [There's no need to go ] In due time she will learn the rest of the story.

However you celebrate, may your heart be filled with gratitude and joy.


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Jennifer B. said...

HI Girl, I love youe Easter blog. This year we had a menu I have never had before on Easter. Asian spring rolls and soup with vermacelli and brown rice with stir fry. Yum! Well the place we ate for Easter, she has the same crowd for all the holidays and thought Easter being about new beginnings, that was the one that got to also have a new menu. And I tell you it was sooo delicious!