Friday, December 22, 2006

Bring it on - Christmas!

Mexican, hand carved, ironwood reindeer stand guard over my accomplishment. It might look like a turkey with warts, but it is Houska, braided sweet bread with almond slivers, golden raisins and candied fruit. I wouldn't have attempted it, but Jim asked me to. My kitchen has not seen this recipe in nine years, and there's no buildup of yeast in the air. I wouldn't tell Jim unless it turned out right.

I read the recipe five times and measured twice. The first loaf was double this size and perfect. Then disaster hit. My oven was too hot. The loaf was too dark and dry. I was sick. It wasn't edible. The next morning I started the five-hour process at 6 o'clock. Everything went just right. I left Jim's loaf in his truck and waited for the phone to ring. It did. "MJ, this is delicious. I need one a week." Nothings better than a gift someone likes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

copyright 2006 Red Convertible Travel Series

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