Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Chocolate Mousse and Her Big Plunge!

Sitting in the living room of our Bavarian friend's home with after dinner coffee and chocolate mousse, I looked above the drapes at the names of their children carved in the wood valances. Our host came back into the room with home videos. Family vacations? No. He owns and operates a commercial crane that he also uses for bungee jumpers.

A pretty woman came on the screen. Somewhat amazed he explained, " She came down off the mountain dressed this way." Her hair was braided and fastened tight to her scalp. She wore a fitted white, laced top with short sleeves and a full skirt of plaid. I could imagine her milking Swiss cows and making cottage cheese pastries, but not bungee jumping. By all appearances she was a settled down, family woman. It was her enthusiasm that startled. Our host exclaimed, "She came to jump!" You go girl!

The video showed the crane lifting the Swiss Mrs. to its full height like a mighty dinosaur. I was scared for her and dipped deep into my chocolate mousse. With but a slight hesitation she stepped off. She must have thought about this a long time. I gasped halting my spoonful in mid-air. Over she tumbled with her skirt in her face and her pantaloons holding tight. The bungee cord stretched to its max bouncing her up and down and up and down. I wonder if that feels good? Gently the crane lowered her to the ground. Standing up she huffed and puffed and beamed. Her cheeks were red red, but she was proud. She did it!

Her dream isn't mine, but I will forever associate chocolate mousse with bungee jumping, and one woman's determination to fulfill her dream regardless of her age.

copyright 2006 Red Convertible Travel Series

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