Friday, July 21, 2006

The water snake that wouldn't...

Dot tapped on my bedroom window, "You've got to come see this." Her wide grin suggested I'd learn something.

The backyard above ground swimming pool has a small window above the waterline for the water filtering system. Inside the pool, on the top of the mini-window frame, lay a folded over baby snake, it's head's about the size of my index fingernail. Clearly it did not want to get in the water, but it's store-string sized tail kept falling in. I suspect it hasn't yet learned control of it's "back end." JB says the spots indicate it's a water mocassin--anti-water is more like it.
Maybe it was just on an adventure and wanted to cool off, not jump in - yet. Water 101. It's so hot in the midwest, my friend, Nancy finds garter snakes draped over bushes to cool off.

Dot decided to remove it from the pool with her long-handled grill tongs. She lifted the frame from the outside of the window, reached in, and grabbed its middle. "Now what do we do?"

Beyond her fenced in yard the woods are dense. "Throw it over the fence. Send it home. It's mother is probably looking for it. Boy, is it going to get a cussing. She'd be embarrassed it wouldn't get in the water. Bet he'll be grounded." Wasted humor. She had but one thing on her mind and that was to get it out of the yard and over the fence. Mind you, this is "hog fence" with open spaces between the wires at least 6" square. The snake is about a foot long and half an inch wide. It's the principle.

"Shall I rinse off the tongs?"
"Nooooooo, put them in the dishwasher!"

Only one of us was amused to meet a waterless moccasin.

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