Sunday, May 14, 2006


Happy Mother's Day to mothers, grandmothers, Mr. Moms, and all the rest who fill the role in our lives. Thank you. Whether near or far, in or out of skin, love binds hearts forever.

I remember my mom's graciousness to all, her cooking, good humor, pure, kind heart, and love of adventure. We irritated each other, but she's who I wanted when I was sick. I admired her most when she faced her death head-on.

Mom was a natural teacher. As soon as I could pull a chair up to the counter my cooking lessons began. Gingerbread was first. She measured, I mixed, and added a secret ingredient. The finished product wouldn't cut. My stirring spoon was baked in.

When traveling, two of my cooking favorites are deviled eggs and corn salad. Our first weekend in Waverly, Iowa, we had an everybody-brings-something fishfry with locals we just met. Walking downtown, a few days later, someone yelled, "Have you got anymore deviled eggs?"

My recipe ... Split hard-boiled eggs. Mash the yolks. Add white pepper, mustard, celery salt and mayonnaise to taste. Sweet or dill pickle relish is optional. I like it stiff enough to spoon, or pipe, back into the white. Place on an egg plate or arrange on lettuce leaves, sprinkle with paprika, and get out of the way.

I learned to make Corn Salad in the South. My basic recipe is two cans of Shoepeg corn to one can of Ro-tel seasoned tomatoes poured together in a strainer to drain off the liquid. Add black olives, and whatever fresh veggies are available: green onions, radishes, carrots, celery, and one tablespoon of mayonnaise - it goes a long way. Let all drain. Refrigerate in a covered bowl to chill and let the flavors marry, if you can wait that long.

God Bless mother's everywhere.

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