Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jax New Orleans Bistro

The scent of wisteria followed us to the center of Anderson, South Carolina. Thank God it's Friday! No more fast food or planned overs, it's "dine out" time. During the week I'd noticed outside tables at a place called Jax.

Perhaps it was a smidge too cool, the outside tables were empty. We opted for the lounge side where people could smoke and we could visit with other guests who felt chatty. Feathered masks decorate the wall behind the bar. Soft music. Low light.

Seated, JB took his glasses off and held them up, "Look at the scratches." Even in dim light they looked like he cleans them with sandpaper.
"Can you see anything without them?"
"I can see the "X" on the far wall."
"X"! It's crossed swords!"

Glasses on, he ordered New Orleans Style "Barbecue" Shrimp served over Maque Choux. Superb! The creamy corn tasted smokey, a perfect match with the shrimp. He didn't need glasses to know it was wonderful.

I ordered Crawfish Etoufee. I like mine shucked. Served on a square white plate with a molded mound of rice, four Haricot Vert, and wisps of green onion, the presentation was perfect. A bite of spice on the tip of my tongue, the rest on the back, convinced me it was New Orleans style. Wonderful!

For dessert I couldn't decide between a chocolate & pistachio tartlet or praline creme brulee, so I ordered a grasshopper. They made it with whipping cream and ice cream. Delicious. Our server, Lydia, tempted us with a sample of Beignet bread pudding with bourbon sauce. Super!

We'll be back. There's more to try: Duck Confit Salad, Blistered Corn and Crawfish Chowder, Chickory Coffee Seared Salmon, and Sunday Brunch for a few. The city of New Orleans may never be the same, but the food survives. Jax is doing it right, and it's no April Fool joke.

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