Monday, August 15, 2005

'Go where the cars are, make "square prayer"

Although I was raised Presbyterian, when we're on the road, I dress up on Sunday and go where I see lots of cars. I love learning what's sacred to people, how they worship, and joining my voice with theirs in praise, thanks, and prayer.

One person praying is one person's energy. When two or more pray the number squares itself: square prayer. Three people's prayer energy equals nine; 9,000 people x 9,000 is 81,000,000.

In Presbyterian Sunday School I learned Jesus loves me. At the age of four I invited him into my life. I'd lay in bed with my arm raised, palm up, in hopes he'd touch me. It got all tingly. I think it just went to sleep.

Before I understood I could talk to God and Jesus anywhere, I felt lost when my church was locked. My Catholic friend's church was always open. I appreciated I could go to theirs to pray.

Catholic Saints and novenas help me. Saint Jude is the Saint of Impossible Situations (capitalized to specify really big problems). For his intercession, I gave up chocolate for nine days. Everything looked like chocolate, even my tires. Not eating my friend's chocolate birthday cake hurt her feelings. I wanted to, but I had to stay true to my novena. When I explained it to Lori, she understood. With Saint Jude's help my issue was resolved. Thanks again.

When my grandmother needed nursing home care, no space was available. On August 15th, Mother Mary's Day, I went to mass early with a friend. After lunch we got a call that space was available. Thank you.

Aug. 15th was my friend, Lee's birthday. I'd known him since he was twelve. Mom taught him in country school. He passed on last year, but I still hold his friendship dear. Happy Birthday Lee, you are still loved.

Through visiting other churches, I realized I was buttoned down. If I had a problem, I didn't want anyone to know. Once I accepted that everyone has problems, I understood it's okay to ask for help and other's prayers, and do the same for them; we're all in this together.

In the Deep South I found the people open, warmer, and friendly. A Louisiana Pastor invited us to come to the front with our problems so he and others could pray. I gave up trying to resolve mine with just my prayers, took it to the front, they prayed, and I waited, a bit skeptical. The very next day it resolved. Now I ask for and accept all the help I can get. Thank you all.

The most alive I've felt in any church was in Macon, Georgia. Maria invited me to sit in the front row. The music and spoken inspiration fueled us for five hours. At 2:30 pm the Bishop came to me with huge, soft eyes, and said, "MJ, God is watching over your writing. Your books will be published and you will prosper." I gasped. He put his hands on my head and asked the congregation to pray with him. Thank you one and all.

After church I had a call from my friend, Diane, in Idaho. "HRH, our pet name for each other, what's going on? I felt you clear out here."
"Prayer power." I related all and she was thrilled; we champion each other. When I had a death in my family she said, "Put Mother Mary to work. Ask her to wrap you in her Blue Cloak and give you comfort and peace." I did. Mother Mary did. Thank you. Now that I "know her," I put her to work for others.

Today is 8/15, Mother Mary's Day. I'm going to mass to celebrate her and ask her intercession to find you, Publisher. 'maeannj at' All prayers for such are appreciated.

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