Friday, July 15, 2005

I raced "The Big Brown Truck!"

UPS is the sponsor for NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett, #88.

Picture this: Tucson, Arizona, 6:30 P.M. I stopped at a red light with my window down. "The Big Brown Truck" pulls to a stop at my left. The driver looks at me. I look at him. Would he? Could he? I mouth, "Do you want to race?" He nods. On the left means he's on the pole, the fastest, but I know I can beat him. I feel wild and wreckless reving my engine.

Green light. Muscles tensed, and my mind fixed on the start-finish line, I peel off in my Bravada. At 109 degrees I don't need to warm my tires. Like the tortoise, he steadily gains. I lead by a block - the first lap counts. I lead by two blocks when somebody pulls out in front of me - obviously a lap down. In the third block he passes me laughing - all the way to the finish line - the next red light. He wins the checkered flag. I come in second, but I got to race "The Big Brown Truck." Come on Dale, pleeeeeeease race "The Big Brown Truck."

copyright 2005 Red Convertible Travel Series

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